Usually, on this site, I write about using a table tennis conversion top to convert a pool table into a ping pong playing surface. Today, nevertheless, I will certainly enter into some information concerning turning your dining-room table right into a table tennis table Particularly, I’ll check out which conversion tops have actually efficiently been utilized on eating tables by other people in the past.

Just what is a table tennis conversion top?
A table tennis conversion top is primarily simply a ping pong table without the legs. Typically it is available in 2 fifty percents, as well as can be purchased on-line, frequently with totally free delivery, at areas like Amazon. The standard rates is in the reduced $300’s. I just recently blogged about both most popular conversion tops.

Generally, they are used to convert pool tables, yet there are lots of individuals who have actually utilized them on top of dining tables. If your family does not use your dining-room all that much, possibly you also can turn it into a ping pong table!

However can you really utilize a conversion top on your dining table?
Yes, as I currently mentioned: there are many people who report successfully making use of a conversion top on their dining table

I assume one of the most vital thing to take into account is how nice your table is. If it is an actually well-crafted, pricey table then that makes this entire strategy less appealing. While a ping pong conversion top will certainly typically include foam pads that go beneath it, in order to avoid scraping, it is not 100% sure-fire.

However if your household has a dining table that is already old and dented up, much less fear is warranted. Do not repair it if it is broke! You could play ping pong on it rather.

What size dining table will work?
Table tennis conversion tops been available in various dimensions, yet the best ones coincide size as regulation ping pong tables: 9′ x 5′.

Does that mean that your table must be 9′ x 5′? No, it suggests the opposite. Preferably, you desire your table to have smaller dimensions than the table tennis table. 9′ x 5′ conversion tops are built to have the toughness to hang over the edges of pool tables that are as low as just 7′ long. It is absolutely secure to position a conversion top on a table that is only 7′ or 8′ long.

It’s good to have it crossing the edge, since after that if you swing throughout a video game as well as struck the conversion leading side, you won’t also struck the dining table. Excellent conversion tops, like the ones I suggest most highly right here, are sturdy adequate to extend out “into the air” and also still give a wonderful, faithful bounce to the sphere.

Any table that is less than 9′ x 5′ will certainly appropriate for a standard-sized (once more, 9′ x 5′) table tennis conversion top. The vital point is for the center of mass of each half of the conversion top to not get as well close to completions of your table. If your table were just 4 1/2′ lengthy then that will certainly put the center of mass right on the side, yet I have actually never ever come across a table that is that brief.

In case you do want to place a ping pong top in addition to a cooking area table, for example, that is 6′ or shorter in size, then I would suggest the smaller Viper portable conversion top, which is just 7′ x 3 1/2′. It’s not “genuine” ping pong yet it is the following finest point given surface area restrictions.

Ideal table tennis conversion tops to utilize on a dining table.
My leading pick is the Martin Kilpatrick 3/4″ top. Kilpatrick has been making these tops for a very long time, while other business have actually reoccured from the conversion marketplace. It doesn’t get better than German engineering at a fair cost.

I additionally like the Joola top, which is extremely similar in top quality to the above. There is a mild difference in that the Joola net is clamped to the table top, so that if your table happened to be precisely 5′ wide, the clamp can hinder the top lying level on your table. That will certainly not be a problem for a lot of people, as most eating tables are not 5′ large.

Finest conversion top for a smaller sized table.
For those of you that do not have a large table, and also are instead aiming to transform a much smaller sized table right into a ping pong surface area, I believe the best choice is the Viper top that I discussed above. At 7′ x 3.5′ it is made particularly for smaller tables; it just won’t coincide as playing table tennis on a full-sized surface.

Shielding your table from square one
I would recommend using a non-slip tablecloth in addition to your table in order to shield it from scratches. The conversion top will not move as well as move, however it’s still best to take micro-precautions unless you really do not care if your table obtains scraped.

The foam extra padding may aid, but it is created a lot more for a swimming pool table– so it goes around the edges. Bear in mind that a table is completely level while a swimming pool table has raised sides which the conversion leading relaxes upon. Consequently, some type of factor to consider for the surface area of the dining table could be ideal.


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